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What are the benefits of using Video Streaming server hosting?

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        A Video Streaming server hosting delivers video content over the Internet to a user with a computer, smartphone, or other connected device. The term “streaming” refers to the actual process of transmitting the video, with the server in a constant state of delivering the content similar to a steadily flowing current in a river. The behind-the-scenes mechanics of how to stream video through the Internet are hidden from subscribers, who enjoy streaming content on their chosen devices in much the same way that they would watch a movie in a theater or view a program on TV.

        Today, video streaming server technology plays an even bigger role in entertainment with the explosion of mobile device use. Customers want to be entertained on any device on their own schedules—whether it’s watching music videos, movies, favorite television programs, and or premium content like pay-for-view sports events.

        Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is one of the fastest growing entertainment choices today, because many consumers—particularly younger, tech-savvy consumers—prefer viewing TV shows via the web instead of being tethered to their televisions at home. Whether they’re viewing programs on smartphones, tablets, or laptops, they expect the same level of performance with no lag times. Reliable IPTV server technology helps meet their high expectations.

        Video streaming server technology can accelerate the delivery of video content through a process called HTTP caching, where the content is temporarily stored on multiple servers throughout a content distribution network (CDN). When a user requests the content, the request is routed the closest CDN server with the cached content. The server then delivers the cached content to the user’s device. Sending the cached content is faster than delivering it from the originating server, because the journey is shorter.

        Consumers are hungry for entertainment, and so the demand for quality programming continues to rise. Operators are realizing that the best way to satisfy their customers’ voracious entertainment appetites is to build and deploy their own video CDN. Aside from maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new subscribers, an operator-owned CDN allows more flexibility in service offerings and new revenue sources.


        I hope this information will be helpful!

        Mark Wilson

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            Mulitple benefits of video streaming hosting quality of the video are outstanding and user of desktop, a mobile phone get entertain on the same time. CDN plays also a vital role here where ever end-user requests to a server within a second it’s displayed on the screen.  We also implement CDN on our new web development services in dubai so there is no interruption.

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