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How to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Format?

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        To export Outlook contacts to vCard format, follow these steps:

        Open Outlook and go to the “File” menu.

        Select “Open & Export” and then choose “Import/Export.”

        In the Import and Export Wizard, select “Export to a file” and click “Next.”

        Choose “Comma Separated Values” (CSV) as the file type and click “Next.”

        Select the “Contacts” folder you want to export and click “Next.”

        Choose a location to save the exported CSV file and give it a name. Click “Next.”

        Click “Finish” to start the export process.

        Once the export is complete, open the exported CSV file in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.

        In Excel, rearrange the columns if necessary to match the vCard format: “First Name,” “Last Name,” “Email Address,” “Phone Number,” etc.

        Save the file as a CSV file again, if needed.

        Use an online converter or a software tool that supports CSV to vCard conversion. Upload the CSV file and follow the instructions to convert it to vCard format.

        After conversion, download the vCard file to your computer.

        Open your email client or the application where you want to import the contacts.

        Import the vCard file into your desired application. The import process may vary depending on the application, but generally, you can find the import option under the “Contacts” or “Address Book” section.

        Follow the prompts to export Outlook contacts to vCard process, and your Outlook contacts will be imported into the new application in vCard format.

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