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How to Export Google contacts to iCloud?

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        To transfer Gmail contacts to iCloud, you can follow these steps:

        Export Google Contacts: Begin by logging into your Google account and accessing Google Contacts. From there, navigate to the “More” dropdown menu and select “Export.” Choose the contacts you want to export and select the export format as “vCard (for iOS Contacts).” This will download a .vcf file containing your Google contacts.

        Import to iCloud: Next, access your iCloud account either through the iCloud website or your iCloud settings on your iOS device. Choose the option to import contacts, then select the .vcf file you downloaded from Google. iCloud will then begin importing these contacts into your iCloud account.

        Verify Import: Once the import process is complete, it’s a good idea to verify that all your contacts have been successfully transferred to iCloud. You can do this by accessing your contacts on your iOS device or through the iCloud website.

        By following these steps, you can seamlessly transfer your Google contacts to iCloud, ensuring that your contacts are accessible across all your Apple devices.

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