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How do cybercriminals execute DDoS attacks?

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        Cybercriminals use a host of different tactics when launching and executing DDoS attacks. Some of them include:

        • Infecting computers on a remote network
        • Sending flood of traffic to your website to make it inaccessible

        With solid DDoS protection at your disposal, you can easily block all these methods used by cybercriminals to launch a DDoS attack.

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          Types of Attack and how it is executed:

          Chargen Reflection
          A variation of a DDoS Amplification attack exploits Chargen, an old protocol developed in 1983. In this attack, small packets containing a spoofed IP of the targeted victim are sent to devices that operate Chargen and are part of the Internet of Things. For instance, many Internet-connected copiers and printers use this protocol. The devices then flood the target with User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets, and the target is unable to process them.

          DNS Reflection
          DNS Reflection attacks are a type of DDoS attack that cybercriminals have used many times. The susceptibility to this type of attack is generally due to consumers or businesses having routers or other devices with DNS servers misconfigured to accept queries from anywhere instead of DNS servers properly configured to provide services only within a trusted domain.
          The cybercriminals then send spoofed DNS queries that appear to come from the target’s network so when the DNS servers respond, they do so to the targeted address. The attack is magnified by querying large numbers of DNS servers.


          Jimmy Wick

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